Personal Training

Regardless of your fitness level or goal, we have a team of highly educated and experienced personal trainers who will motivate and challenge you through a wide array of training sessions, group classes or private lessons.




  • Registered kinesiology

  • Nutrition counselling

  • Olympic lifting coaching

  • Fascial stretch therapy

  • Titleist golf performance-strength coaching

  • Kettlebell coaching

  • Corrective movement therapy and mobility training

  • Joint replacement rehabilitation programs

  • Healthy aging programs

  • Z health practitioners




$60.00   30 min
$84.00   60 min

Partner training (2pp):
$60.00/per person 60 min

Partner training (3pp):
$50.00/per person 60 min

Partner training (4pp):
$40.00/per person 60 min

Partner training (5pp):
$30.00/per person 60 min

Kinesiologist / Movement Coach:
$67.00   30 min
$100.00   60 min

Fascial stretch therapy rates:
$100.00   60 min

Full health & fitness appraisal:  
$110.00  60min

Written Program:

Meet the Personal Training Team

We are pleased to introduce the most complete Personal Training team in the area. Many of our trainers have more than 10 years of industry experience and they look forward to training you. Click on the names below to learn more about our team.




Years of Experience: 25

Expertise: Certified Exercise Physiologist, active rehab, RKC kettlebell instructor,
and  Olympic Lifting Coach.

Philosophy: Health and wellness is a daily journey and must be worked on continuously. I believe by educating my clients and giving them the necessary tools, they will be better equipped for achieving their specific goals.


BPE CHEK & Z Health Trainer    

Years of Experience: 30

Expertise: Corrective & neural exercise, movement for living, weight management, yoga certified, and holistic lifestyle coach.

Philosophy: Being over 65 and studying a brain-based, complex view of the human body recently has shifted my training. My aim is to helping people improve their health, alleviate pain and maximize athletic performance through a more neuro lens.


CHEK LVL 2, Z-Health Practitioner

Years of Experience: 23

Expertise: Z Health Practitioner, Titleist Performance, and injury rehabilitation

Philosophy: I believe in consistency of exercise over time. A little bit everyday goes a long way to living a healthy, pain-free life. Focus on posture, balance, flexibility, strength, core function as well as cardiovascular health. And remember to laugh lots, get plenty of sleep, do something you love daily, and drink water. 



Years of Experience: 23

Expertise: Athletic performance enhancement and strength conditioning.

Philosophy: I enjoy taking the fitness of my clients to the next level in a fun, safe, and challenging manner. Achieving their goals and creating new ones along the way. Not only do I want my clients to know what to do, but why they are doing it. 



Years of Experience: 18

Expertise: Z Health Practitioner, Active Aging, Pre/Post-Natal, Yoga FMS 2, and FRC

Philosophy: I have always been curious about movement and the human body. A good exercise program can heal injuries, strengthen, and increase energy levels. Training should be fun and sweaty but most importantly, leave you feeling great.


B. App Sc., ACE, Bowen Therapist    

Years of Experience: 17

Expertise: Weight management, Strength & Conditioning, Senior Fitness Specialist, Z health Practitioner, Registered Bowen Therapist, ZIN certified Zumba instructor

Philosophy: I’ve learned to take a holistic approach to health & wellness, and I believe with the right tools, a positive attitude, professional training and hard work anyone can achieve their goals. Whether it’s to stay healthy, lose weight, build strength, or prevent injuries.


ACE, Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)   

Years of Experience: 20

Expertise: Fascial stretch therapist, movement practitioner, and athlete coach

Philosophy: My ultimate goal is to help you learn about your body, help you move better and achieve interoception.


ACE, Z-Health Practitioner, Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)  

Years of Experience: 20

Expertise: Movement rehabilitation, visual and vestibular (balance) reintegration, and coaching healthy athletic babits

Philosophy: I believe that all humans need to be able to do 5 things well; move, see, balance, breathe, and digest. Everything else can be easy after that.



Years of Experience: 12

Expertise: General fitness/weight loss, Functional Range Conditioning, youth, spin, and dance.

Philosophy: Moving well as we age is imperative to longevity and wholeness. Exercise should be the relief in your day and together, we work in while we workout, encouraging behaviour change through positive self-talk that results in outside transformation.  2021/2019 IMPACT Magazine Top Fitness Instructor.



Years of Experience: 25

Expertise: Aging Adults Mobility/balance and fall prevention. endurance training for runners. Fascial Stretch Therapy and lifestyle management coaching.

Philosophy: I believe that regular physical fitness is a crucial component of overall wellness and quality of life. As a trainer and stretch therapist, I strive to motivate and support my clients to reach their full potential both in the gym and out.


MPEd, Strength & Conditioning Specialist 

Years of Experience: 23

Expertise: Professional Level Certified Ski Coach, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NCCP Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Speed Agility Quickness Coach

Philosophy: “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano: - “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. A healthy mind and healthy body connection is the key to a much happier life, so exercising intelligently is essential to keeping fit physically as well as mentally. Hard work will lead to results.


BCRPA Registered Fitness Leader  

Years of Experience: 20

Expertise: Strength and sport specific training, core integration and stabilization, flexibility, and mobility training

Philosophy: It is my belief that health and happiness go hand in hand. Regular exercise changes lives for the better. It grants you the freedom and confidence to pursue the activities that you love in life. Through exercise, mind, body and spirit are elevated so you have the ability to reach your goals and attain your very best. Together we flourish in health!


Years of Experience: 18

Expertise: Strength and conditioning, body transformation, weight loss, movement and postural correction, certified Yoga Instructor, TRX suspension certified, kettlebell certified, lifestyle fitness coach 

Philosophy: A healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercise; it’s about setting your mind to do something and feeling that sense of accomplishment when you finally achieve it. I will strive to educate, motivate, and inspire you into looking good and feeling great while making your personal training workouts challenging, diverse, and fun!  


MKIN, BSc.H Kin., Registered Kinesiologist 

Years of Experience: 3

Expertise: Active rehabilitation, sport strength and conditioning, general fitness 

Philosophy: Training is more than just about looking good; I believe in creating life-long changes starting from the ground up by establishing a greater mind-body connection that will translate to a more fulfilling, healthier, happier and pain free lifestyle. I strive to find the perfect balance between making training fun and challenging while also meeting the individual needs and goals of my clients.  



Years of Experience: 26

Expertise: Practising Kinesiologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and Exercise Specialist

Philosophy: Using a therapeutic approach, to improve physically around one’s desired activities, building confidence in one’s capabilities in a light hearted manner. Whatever the challenge, be it muscle activation, recruitment, Soft Tissue Release, olympic lifting, accountability or referral to other health professionals, building a habit of consistent and frequent activity for a healthful daily engagement.


B.Kin, B.RT Candidate

Years of Experience: 11

Expertise: Adaptive personal training specializing in Multiple Sclerosis, neurological conditions/surgery recovery, rehabilitation, persons who have undergone strokes, and Parkinson’s Disease with focus on mobility and quality of life.

Philosophy: I believe in empowering and encouraging clientele with visible and invisible disabilities to reach and surpass their goals and realize their full fitness potential both inside and outside of the gym. I live by my philosophy, “1 is a win” as I strive to empower my clients to believe that there is always a way to turn can’t into can and if 1 rep or movement can be achieved it opens a window of possibility.  


Years of Experience: 10

Expertise: SCW, Strongfirst Bodyweight certified instructor, Yoga University, USA Weightlifting, Strength and conditioning, Corrective exercise.


A true love for learning. Passionate about promoting health, wellbeing, and fostering deep connections. I love to inspire through the beauty of strength.

Strength lifts people, from all walks of life, who are looking to better themselves; whether it be to improve performance for sports, start a healthy life, feel strong and capable, and/or to rise above the challenges of life. 



Years of Experience: 10

Expertise: Golf Fitness, Rotational Athletes, Yoga, Body Toning 

Philosophy: I believe in continuous self-improvement, both physical and psychological. Driven by unwavering dedication, it builds resilience and discipline while extending its positive effects from physical training into all aspects of life, enabling us to face challenges with fortitude and enhancing overall well-being, thereby adding more meaning to life. 


BSc Sports Strength & Conditioning, ACE

Years of Experience: 4

Expertise: Strength and Conditioning, Athlete Development.

Philosophy: I believe that there is a direct correlation between our physical wellbeing and happiness. I aim to help people reach their performance goals using evidence-based training. Fitness is a huge part of my life and I am always eager to learn and share as much knowledge as I possibly can.

Client Testimonial

“My trainer has such an amazing understanding of the body and how to perform exercises that are safe, efficient, and perfectly suited to my needs.”


For Personal Training inquiries & to book a trainer from our team of experts, please contact Manager of the Fitness Centre, Wellness Department, and Personal Training, Robert Gibb at 604.269.8825 or email